The Quest Promo at All Slots Will Make a Seafarer of You

Every month brings another exciting promotion to All Slots Casino and its partner casinos at Jackpot Factory.   This month, The Quest Promo at All Slots promises high adventure at sea plus excellent cash prizes.  To reach your goals, you will traverse a course at sea in luxury aboard a magnificent ship!  All you need to do to play The Quest Promo at All Slots is opt in to play.  It’s easy to do.  You get several requests on different screens to opt in.

No Choppy Waves on These Seas

Here’s one tip for successful navigating in The Quest: you have to opt in four times!  That’s right.  The gamer-oriented people at All Slots are looking out for you!  They have sectioned off The Quest into four unique game weeks.  What happens in one week has no effect on the play of the game the next week!  This is a very good thing because, as much as we Aussies love to play casino games, especially pokies, we’re also a very active people, busy at both work and play.  So All Slots gives you four weeks to play and win at The Quest.

It’s very easy to win.  After you opt in for that week’s game, you get two targets or goals to achieve until the week ends.  When you reach your goals, you win.  Keep this in mind: you don’t have to play a lot to win.  You need to accumulate some Loyalty Points.  When you have the number of Loyalty Points you were assigned to pursue, you win!

The Quest By Weeks

Now, you reasonably would like to know how the month is divided.  Each week begins at 00:01 GMT on Sunday and ends at 23:59 GMT on Saturday.  The GMT is not a big factor for Brits but, for Aussies, it’s a significant time difference, 8 hours in the West and 10-11 hours in the East!  The dates for each week are:

  • The 1st to the 7th
  • The 8th to the 14th
  • The 15th to the 21st
  • The 22nd to the 28th

 On each of these four weeks you can win cash prizes.

All Slots Casino

Most readers are already familiar with All Slots.  They have over 650 games including hundreds of online pokies for real money.  The great All Slots Welcome Package for new players begins with a no deposit bonus with which you can play as many pokies or other games as you can.  The Welcome Package continues with more free money and bonuses so, if you qualify for everything they would like to give you as a new gamer, you will enjoy $1630 in cash gifts and bonuses!

Because All Slots has so much to offer and so many games to play, they make it easy for you to try out any game in practice mode.  You can’t win anything in practice mode because you haven’t made a wager but it’s a great way to learn the ins and outs of the many games in the All Slots game bank.

Just remember that to win at The Quest Promo at All Slots, you have to play pokies for real money!  Only when you play pokies for real money and all the other games as well, do you earn Loyalty Points and you need Loyalty Points to win at The Quest!  Aussies especially will be happy to learn that the casino game with the highest ratio of Loyalty Points to dollars wagered is— you guessed it!— pokies!

Jackpot Factory

There are actually five casinos in the Jackpot Factory Group and they are all participating in The Quest.  All Slots is the group’s flagship casino.  The others are Wild Jack, All Jackpots, The VIP Lounge, and First Web.  Your accumulation of Loyalty Points is kept in one account so you can play at any of the five casinos and qualify for your prizes as though you were playing at one casino.  The same applies to the members’ mobile casinos.  There is one account for play on a PC or on mobile.  At Jackpot Factory, one size truly fits all!

Getting a Boost

All Slots wants everyone to win so when you have reached the halfway point in your quest, you get an automatic boost, making it even easier to reach your goal!  In addition to this boost that everyone receives, players who have been unable to play for 48 hours will get a special boost on two of the four Fridays during the promotion.  We can’t tell you which two Fridays the special boost will be given on so we don’t encourage you to stop playing on Wednesdays and Thursdays! LOL!  But if circumstances were beyond your control, All Slots will be there twice during November to give your quest a much-needed boost!

Make The Quest a November Priority

Spring is finally here.  We all have many plans for the warmer months.  All Slots encourages all Aussies to make The Quest a priority for November.  It’s so easy to play and win The Quest Promo at All Slots!  Even if you’re busy with work or Springtime activities one week, you can still win at The Quest Promo at All Slots!