Play to Win on Cupid's Target Promo at All Slots

You're invited to play to win on Cupid's Target promo at All Slots and enjoy numerous chances to add some extra fun and excitement to your Valentine's Day celebration.  The promotion runs throughout the month of February, giving you a new way to commemorate the special day along with big chances to earn extra money for your own Valentine's Day celebration.

You can play the Cupid's Target promotion on whenever you play online pokies for real money on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Just log into your account on your preferred gaming screen and enter the contest on the promotions webpage at The promotions page provides you with all of the information that you need to add to your regular online pokies for real money payouts with February bonus earnings.

All of the games that you play on any of the casino's gambling platforms will earn you tickets to the Cupid's Target draws. Even if you alternate your gambling activities between the Download Casino, the Flash Casino and the Mobile Casino, your earned tickets from all of these games will accumulate into one central pool. When the draw comes, your tickets will be entered – the more tickets that you have to enter into the Draw, the better your chances are to collect the big win.

Opt in to the promotion through the My Offers casino webpage, by clicking "Play Now" on the promotion webpage or by clicking the "Earn tickets Now" or "Play Now" links on the promotion emails that you receive from the casino.  

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has been celebrated, in one form or another, for thousands of years. In the early years of the common era, members of the Luperci, an order of Roman priests, gathered at a sacred cave near Rome where they created "love potions." Although this festival was outlawed by the Catholic Church, many people continued to observe the day by invoking the memory of St. Valentine, a 3rd century saint who is credited with encouraging lovers of his day to marry, despite a decree against matrimony for army-aged men.

During the Middle Ages, French and English citizens observed February 14 as the beginning of local birds’ mating season. This further promoted the idea that the middle of February should be a time for celebrating romance. By the 1500s kings and other noblemen were had developed a tradition of writing love notes to their wives and lady friends in honor of Valentine's Day. By the 19th century, celebrating Valentine's Day with expressions of affection had become the norm in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Mexico and France.

Today men and women around the world, both young and old, representing almost every class and religious background, celebrate Valentine's Day. The commemoration involves exchanging gifts, writing love notes and showing affection. The All Slots Casino invites gamers to celebrate in their own way by playing the Cupid's Target promo at All Slots.

Four Weeks, Four Draws, Four Chances to Earn Prizes

The February Cupid's Target Bonus promotion is divided into four weeks. That means that every week you have a new chance to collect tickets and win draw prizes. You receive one draw ticket for every 50 Loyalty Points that you collect. So the more you play, the higher your Loyalty Points accumulation grows and the more tickets you have to add to enter into that week's draw.

You can add tickets to the week's draw through the ticket booster  which ups your ticket score by adding tickets according to the number of days that you played during the week prior to the draw. If you play for 3 days during a promotional week your tickets are multiplied by x3; if you play for 4 days during a promotional week your tickets are multiplied by x4 extra tickets, if you play for 5 days during a promotional week your tickets are multiplied x5; if you play for 6 days during a promotional week your tickets are multiplied x6 and if you play for 7 days during a promotional week your tickets are multiplied x7.  

Stay on Top

You can stay on top of your ticket accumulation so you know how many tickets to have to enter into a draw through the Check my Tickets tool. The Check my Tickets tool is located on the Cupid's Target promotion page. Click the button to find out how many tickets you have to enter into the next draw and the number of booster tickets that will be added to your ticket tally.

You can also check the leaderboard for information on your position in relation to other players in your ticket acquisition. On the leaderboard you'll see your rank, based on the number of tickets that you've earned. Submit your name and receive a personal message detailing the number of loyalty points that you have earned, the number of tickets that you've earned, the number of wagering days that have been credited to your account and the multiplier that will be applied to you’re the upcoming ticket distribution.  


Each week's draw gives away $25, 000 for a total of $100,000 give-away throughout the month of February.  Every week 5 players will receive $1000, 10 players will earn $500, 25 players will earn $100, 50 players will earn $50, 100 players will earn $25, 250 players will earn $10 and 1000 players will earn $5.

To determine your wins, just log into your account every Sunday during the month and find out what your tickets have brought you.

Promotion weeks include:

January 31 2023 – February 5 2023 (check your win on Sunday February 6th)

February 7 2023 – February 13 2023 (check your win on Sunday February 14th)

February 14 2023 – February 20 2023 (check your win on Sunday February 21st)

February 21 2023 – February 27 2023 (check your win on Sunday February 28th)

All of your winning bonuses will be available to you from the day that they are credited to your account through the end of the next round.  

Random Romantic Get-Away

Play to win on Cupid's Target promo at All Slots between February 7th and February 10th and you might be one of the three lucky ticket winners to be gifted with a romantic Valentine's Day weekend get-away, valued at $1000.