Christmas Market Promo at All Slots – $1000 Bonus Can Now Be Yours!

The holidays season is getting close, and as Christmas is right around the corner, both the streets and the casinos have a special atmosphere of fine decorations and ringing bells. This time, however, Christmas is going to be even more special than usual, as the Christmas Market Promo at All Slots is taking place for a whole month! This special promotion will be offering a lot of great prizes, purchased bonuses, wonderful games and so much more! If you feel enjoying a share of $25,000 bonus, winning free spins while playing online pokies for real money, and even being able to receive some cashback as you play, there is absolutely no doubt this promotion is the right one for you! Join now to the happy family of gamblers, and experience yourself the atmosphere of celebration!

Which Bonuses Can I Win?

There are three main types of bonuses in this great promotion: Cashback bonus, free spins bonus, and free bonus. It is always good to remember that purchasing the bonuses does not affect the loyalty points' count of the casino at all.

Cashback Bonus

When it comes to cashback bonus, it is always good to remember that only one cashback bonus can be purchased at a time. Players will be able to purchase 1 single cashback bonus per deposit, and the bonus will be credited to them once the depositing process is complete.

Free Spins Bonus

There are different packages of free spins which players will be able to purchase as they play along. Each package has a different price, and it can offer the players a different number of free spins. For example, a $10 worth package would cost only 250 coins at the promotion, and players will be able to enjoy 5 free spins right away.

In addition to that, players would also like to know that once they purchase the free spins they will be able to play Avalon, Santa's Wild Secret, Secret Santa, Immortal Romance, and Bridesmaids!

The Bonuses and the Draw Day Tickets

Purchasing bonuses has a few prominent advantages. Besides the fact that players are capable of enjoying playing the pokies games for free, receive cashbacks and enjoy the additional free bonuses, each bonus purchase also grants the player with a promotion ticket. At the end of the promotion, specifically, on Saturday, December 26th, the casino will draw multiple cards, each card granting the players holding them with special prizes. Therefore, the more tickets each player holds, the better his chances to win at the Draw Day get.

The prizes of the Draw Day are as follows: 1000 winners will be able to enjoy $5 bonus, and 250 winners will receive $10 bonus right away. Other 100 players will receive $25 bonus once the draws are made, while 50 winners will be benefited with $50, and 25 winners will enjoy a grant of $100 bonus. Lastly, players would surely like to know that 10 of them will be able to receive no less than $500 bonus, and the top 5 winners will get to enjoy a wonderful grant of $1000 bonus.

Granting the Prizes

Once the draws are made, players are already eligible to start enjoying their grants. The announcements will be made within 48 hours, via a message within the casino’s software, an SMS text message, or an email. In addition to that, players who participate in the promotion should be aware that by playing they give right to the casino as well as any third body, to publicize the following details: first name, first letter of the surname, and the player's location.

Players who were holding a few cards which were drawn in the ticket day will be able to enjoy the highest prize offered among the different tickets the have, as each player can be credited with only one prize per draw day.

How to Collect Coins

By playing the promotion's games, other promotions and additional games offered at the casinos, players are able to collect loyalty points. Each such loyalty point is worth one Christmas Coin, and the more Christmas Coins a player collects, the more bonuses he can purchase during the game.

It is good to remember that differently from many other games, this game does not use the re-count method at the begging of every week. Therefore, players can keep on accumulating points for the whole month of the promo, and reach very high counts when the month is about to be over. Since purchasing the bonuses is done with the Christmas Coins, this process will not affect the loyalty points and loyalty tiers at all.

Special Messages When Purchasing Bonuses

Sometimes when players try to purchase some bonuses, unfamiliar messages may pop up. The most common messages are:

Sold Out / General Error

These messages usually mean that the bonuses are currently unavailable. In this case players are offered to come back at a later time and complete the purchasing process.

Insufficient Funds

This message pops up in a case the player tried to purchase a bonus which costs more than he or she can fund at the moment. In this case, players can either purchase a cheaper bonus, or come back to the store later on, when they have more Christmas Coins, and go through this process once more. It is also possible to purchase a cheaper bonus AND come back later to purchase the more expensive one, when having enough coins.

Time to Start Playing! Where and Where?!


It definitely is the right time to start playing this wonderful promotion, and players who can't wait any longer would be glad to discover the promotion start on Sunday, November 29th, 7:00 AM GMT, and will be taking place during a whole month, until December 25th, 23:59 PM GMT.


Players looking for the most reputable casino on the industry would definitely like to know that All Slots is hosting the event, as it was hosting many other remarkable events in the past few years. Additional casinos which will be hosting the promo are: VIP Lounge Casino, First Web Casino, All Jackpots Casino and even Wild Jack Casino.


The promotions can serve for many players as a wonderful opportunity to learn more about different casinos they might have not been aware of. Usually, a casino which holds such a magnificent promotion is considered a highly reputable one, and players definitely enjoy checking it out. Special welcome offers and multiple great games are always offered in such bonuses and it is definitely worth checking them out.

Good luck!