Liquid Gold Real Money Pokies App

There has been many a change since the first discoveries of gold in Bathurst back in 1851. Now there is gold everywhere in Australia. Gold in the form of Liquid Gold real money pokies app can be played anywhere from Kakadu to Perth, to Alice Springs to Adelaide and of course - the Gold Coast.

Now Aussies can do some real mining and gather that beautiful golden substance by means of real money payouts in the exciting pokie called Liquid Gold real money pokies app.

From California to Ballarat Gold was discovered in Auburn, California in the 1850’s. Soon afterwards word came to Australia that there was also gold down under. Even though the country was young, the ruling British discouraged Aussies from mining for gold.

It was only after a few Aussies had departed Australia and headed to California did the British change their mind. After toiling hard, Gold was discovered in Australia. You won’t have to work that hard when you play Liquid Gold real money pokies app.

Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Reels

Instead of mining mother earth to find gold, you spin the reels to produce finished pay lines. The symbols exhibited in the Liquid Gold mobile pokies portray the many things that can be fashioned when gold is heated and changed into a liquid substance.

Gold is a rare compound that can be made into any shape you want once it is liquefied. While you spin the reels of this online pokie real money game, you will see dazzling golden objects such as coins, and jewellery sculptures.

It’s All About the Wild Gold and Scatters 

Gold is the focus of Liquid Gold real money pokies app which is a twenty payline pokie. The twenty pay lines are the perfect pokie option as it gives you the choice to either make small or large bets. It is a great online pokie real money game for newcomers as they can slowly edge themselves more and more into the game without the fear of losing your shirt. 

It is up to you how many pay lines you allow. It is important to remember that only those pay lines that you enable will give you a real money payout. Therefore if you are starting off on a lower wage, it is suggested to allow each pay line with a low bet. If you have a large budget, just raise the amount of coins on every pay line. 

Every phase of the game has something to do with gold, which assists you as you turn the gold into big cash payouts. Besides captivating music which takes you to next spin, there are golden symbols such as golden letters and numbers, a pot of liquid molten gold, golden bars.

The wild symbol is represented by the Liquid Gold logo and replaces all other game symbols, not including the pot of liquid gold so that you can finish pay lines and activate payouts. Landing five Liquid Gold Logos on a pay line gets you the jackpot of 5,000 coins. 

The Scatter symbol is the bonus symbol which happens to be liquid gold flowing into a pot. If you can get at least three Scatters on a reel, the no deposit bonus round is activated. Whatever amount of scatters you chalk up will be your tally of bonuses.

This sets the course for some significant cash returns as the free spin bonus round will sooner or later steer you to a 50 x multiplier. This can conceivably give you 100,000 coins in this golden opportunity online pokie real money game.

Mobile Pokies Bonus

What do you have when gold added to gold? More gold. That’s what the mobile pokies bonus will fetch you. It increases additional Liquid Gold payouts even more by way of multi-level bonus promos that increase your cash, points, and credits for your online pokie real money game.

The G’ Day Mate Bonus

Aussies who play real money pokies apps are entitled to join other online pokie real money bonuses to their regular games that include free spins and multipliers. To say G-day mate to all new players, most casinos will allow you to play the Liquid Gold real money pokies app for free with the Welcome Bonus to help you understand the rules and “get the feel” of the game.

Just enter the online casino on your mobile and play for free. Otherwise, go for the gold for real in the Real Mode after you make a deposit. Most mobile casinos will match your deposit with credits during your first week. This entitles you to have a go for real money without having to make any more deposits.

Loyalty Points

As with the Welcome Bonus, most mobile casinos will give new players, as well as veteran players, the opportunity to receive Loyalty Points, depending how much you actually play. Play more and receive added Loyalty Points. After accruing enough points, you can swap them for casino freebees.  Each gift is centred on the quantity of loyalty points you have collected.

Be Bold and Go for the Gold

Aussies love the Liquid Gold Mobile pokies as it is one of Australia’s most admired mobile pokies today. It is available throughout Australia on practically all mobile devices from iOS to Androids and as well as others. 

All Aussies are welcome to participate in this golden opportunity of Liquid Gold real money pokies app and win a heap of pokies swag. No need to melt your jewellery – just play Liquid Gold real money pokies app and have fun.