Ariana online Pokies fun

Are you ready for a great big winning splash? Ariana online pokies by Microgaming is based on the underwater mysterious mermaid Ariana who will take you on a deep sea adventure which you’d otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to experience on your own. She’s the caretaker of the underwater world and has control over who she allows in and who can come closest to the treasures that lie beneath the sea. From the get go Ariana pokies lets you have a glimpse into Ariana’s realm with each reel sporting graphics of personalities, creatures, and other notables from the deep blue sea such as starfish, troves of precious coins and gems.

You’ll even see Ariana herself along with the beautiful chorus of coral, fish, and other underwater features juxtaposing themselves, one upon the other for a magnificent view. It’s the perfect setting to build a game around and you might even get away with feeling like you’ve been on your own adventure, when going there isn’t realistic for one reason or another. For the many who love this game that’s the biggest draw and what keeps them coming back isn’t just the great weather but the promotions, offers, and bonuses which the Ariana pokies game waves around.

The Specs

Ariana pokies is a five by three reel game which puts out twenty five pay lines to its Australian customers. It has a minimum bet of .25 and a maximum payout of 30,000. Ariana herself acts as the wilds symbol and does her best to fill in a line where one feature is missing and then there's the starfish posing as the scatter symbol. A simple showing of five Ariana wild symbols will dish out 1750 coins for the lucky player. Four will get you 525 coins and three will get 350 coins. If you think those are great chances, check out the starfish. Five starfish scatter symbols will present the player with no less than 17,500 coins, four with 1750, three with 350, and two with 175.

Also, three or more scatter symbols appearing means at least fifteen free spins pokies which you have to admit, on top of everything else is pretty cool. Matching symbols also come into play whereas if they all land on reel one they can jump to each of the other reels to generate more winning opportunities for you. During bonus round free spins these stacked wilds are building upon your winnings which is all part of the straight forward yet amazing ways Ariana pokies gives you the satisfaction you are looking for.

Try it for free


As is often the case the casino lover may be just starting out and if that’s you, the Ariana online pokies has just the thing. Like many other games Ariana is willing to take it slow and give you the chance to practice and get a good feel for things with its practice mode. The practice mode allows you to take your time over and over giving you a taste of what’s to come when you finally to decide to go for it and play for real money.

By then you’ll wonder how you ever made it until now without all the excitement! You can even create a preset number of spins and simply let the game do everything itself while you sit back and relax. Even if you make a set number of presets for it to work on it’s own you can always cancel and start rolling the pokies again yourself. Furthermore, when the you start racking in the cash and love every minute of these pokies and it’s free spins and other available offers, you won’t have far to go to collect your earnings. You’ll be happy to know Australian dollars are available so there won’t be a hassle trying to do conversions where you sometimes loose out on your hard won cash.