Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies

How could you not have mega fun with a game called Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies? The title itself guarantees that you’re going to have mega fun as you play this progressive slots game and enjoy everything that they have to offer. The game has so many great ways to enjoy that you won’t know where to begin – and you’ll feel like you’re playing a new game every time that you come back for more.

And when you get to the progressive pokies, you’ll be shocked to see that there isn’t one – but four – progressive jackpot choices here. This really makes it an amazing opportunity for you to enjoy and to get something from your game when you’re playing for real money. The opportunities are endless as you play this game and really start to enjoy everything that it offers. It's not often that you can play a game that is filled with as many options and as many ways to win without even betting the maximum amount.

As you Begin

As you start with Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies, you’ll see that you’re in the Savannah. You’ll hear the birds above you and the sun as it starts to set. You’ll see the lion, the monkey, the many other creatures that you’ve have on the Savannah and other things to set the ambiance. There is a buffalo, a giraffe, a zebra and even a kudu. Now, the lion is the wild one and the multiplier. He doubles the payouts when you win with them and adds great fun to your playing time.

With the progressive pokies, the monkey is the scatter and if you have two or more of him on the five reels, you’ll have a payout. If you have three or more, you’ll have 15 free spins and these have tripled payouts.

Bonus Bonanza

The Mega Moolah Pokies offers great opportunities at every turn. The progressive jackpot section is random so anyone can get into it and you don’t have to have hit a certain combination. And, if you can believe it, you don’t even have to have bet the maximum amount in order to be eligible to participate. You have to be playing for real money and then you’ll have a chance just like anyone.

The bonus game is a wheel where the white part is the mega jackpot and the yellow is the major. The orange is the minor jackpot and the red is the mini. You click on the spin button and then see where it takes you and you win the progressive pokies that correspond to the section where you’ve landed. It’s that easy and exciting.

Mobility at Its Best

While you may not actually be getting to the Savannah anytime soon, there is no reason that you can’t feel like you are. When you play Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies, you can feel like you’re on an adventure that starts the moment you start to play. And with this adventure comes progressive slots, great chances to win and the opportunity to play on the go from any location where you find yourself.

There are few games that allow you to have a chance at the jackpots without betting the maximum amount. There are few games, as well, that offer more than one jackpot. And this one has a whopping four that you can win. Enjoy everything being offered here today and join in the mega fun you can have.