Win at All Slots - Bonus Showdown

You can Win at All Slots - Bonus Showdown and have a blast as you play. You already love playing at All Slots and you already have a blast when you play there. Now, with the online pokies for real money promotion, you can have your regular blast and add to it. Here, you’ll see the monthly promotion that will take you to new levels and bring you even more fun. Get ready for fun with your cowboy boots and your western style. You’ll love the chance to have fun here. You'll love to have a blast as you play here and enjoy the promotion opportunities that you have.

Getting Started

There are many ways to have a chance to Win at All Slots - Bonus Showdown. First of all, you can play from many locations. These include from All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino and Wild Jack Casino. That’s a lot of choices. You can also play from All Slots Casino, of course, and from the VIP Lounge Casino. Now, as you get ready to play you’ll see that you just need to submit your username and then click on the card and your choices will come up. The promotion will go from September 6th through October 6th and there are ways to win all along the way.

Fun Each Week

With this promotion, there is fun to be had all along the way during the week. The promotion is broken into chunks of time starting with September 6-12 and then the 13-19th. The third round is from the 20th to the 26th and the fourth one happens from the 27th through October 3. The final round is from the 4th to the 6th. For the first week you can get a free card even if you didn’t play the week before – but in each week after that you can get a certain number of cards based on how many you played in the round before. If you played for 3-4 days then you’ll get one card and one prize. If you played for 5-6 days you’ll get two cards and two prizes. And if you played for seven days you’ll get three cards and prizes.

Prize Fun

With the online pokies for real money promotion the prizes include many great choices. You can end up with free spins to some of your favorite games. These include Bridesmaids, Hot as Hades, Ariana, Sure Win, Avalon and Asian Beauty. You can win a bonus that is somewhere between 2 and 100 credits. You can also get loyalty points and 100-5000 points and double points on certain games.

As you are ready to Win at All Slots – Bonus Showdown, you’ll see just how much fun you can have. Join the many other people who are getting ready with their dancing boots and their cowboy hats and have a blast. This is a great way to enjoy yourself and to see just how much you can win in the course of the month. One of the great things about this promotion is that it's broken up into parts so you can do really well in a given week and then also look forward to the next week ahead. You'll love playing at these sites and having the chance, on top of the regular play, to have a blast with these extended opportunities.