River of Riches Online Pokies Game

New pokies games pop up everywhere, so it’s crucial that they have something extra that will set them apart from the rest of the games out there. River of Riches online pokies game offers a unique experience with an Egyptian theme, beautiful graphics, enchanting music and great prizes. As you get into it, you won’t remember that you’re thousands of miles away from the nearest pyramid. It is set in some kind of a ruined temple, with sand, hieroglyphs and parts of a broken sphinx everywhere. You can also hear the dessert wind blowing in the background, completing the whole package.

The game is available online, without the need to download a specific software on your computer. If you choose to bet on real money, your chances of winning are pretty good, but you also have the option to play online for free. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you play for cash or for the sake of the experience alone, as you’ll have an amazing adventure either way with one of the most captivating online pokies games.

The Basics of the Game

River of Riches online pokies is a 5-reel game, with up to 25 available paylines. Of course, you can choose how many paylines would be active during each spin, as it alters the size of your bet and it obviously affects your chance to win real money while playing pokies online. At the start of every spin the reels make an appealing sound of rattling stones that erases every other though you might have and you are instantly pulled into a different world. In this game you’ll find a few familiar symbols of 10, J, Q and K – all nicely engraved on broken tiles. You can also encounter the symbols of a Sphinx, a pyramid, a golden Ankh and a scarab beetle – all fitting perfectly into the Egyptian theme.

Extra Symbols

River of Riches provides you with some amazing opportunities to boost your winnings. To start with, you have the scatter symbol that comes in the form of an orb. If it appears on your screen at least 3 times in no particular order, you’ll get 10 free spins. If that’s not good enough, on these spins 1 to 4 fixed wild symbols will help you get as many winnings as possible. The fixed wild symbols will not disappear or change their location until the free spins are over with. To make things more exciting, every time you get a big win on these spins the screen bursts into flames in a dramatic and captivating way.

Also, as you get at least 2 scatters on your screen, you are automatically awarded with a guaranteed win. Furthermore, you have a regular wild symbol in the form of a mysterious explorer. As usual, this symbol replaces any other symbol in the hopes that it will complete a winning combination, but it doesn’t replace the scatter. Thanks to all these perks, River of Riches is the best game you can choose out of all the new pokies games available right now.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a new online pokies game, River of Riches has it all – amazing graphics, enchanting storyline and great bonuses. It will pull you right in, so be prepared for a long journey in the enigmatic world of ancient Egypt. The game is very easy to figure out and you even can put the spins in a loop, so all you’ll need to do is sit back, relax and wait for the magic to happen. Whether you’re in it to win some cash or you’re just looking for an exciting adventure to occupy your free time, you won’t be disappointed.