Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots

Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots will help bring your New Years wishes to fruition with six big prizes that you can win throughout the month. The more you play your favourite online pokies for real money, the more Wheel of Wishes prizes you win. The Wheel of Wishes casino promotion runs throughout the month of January in five separate cycles, so you have multiple opportunities to add to your casino payouts with extra bonus earnings. Everyone plays and everyone wins in this exciting casino bonus extravaganza. 

Happy New Years

Throughout the world, January 1st is known as the dawn of the New Year. New Years is a major celebration on almost every continent in which celebrants take time to reflect on the past year and bestow good wishes on themselves, their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors for the year to come. 

In some cultures people engage in traditions and other types of rituals that, they believe, will assure them of a good new year.  Americans gather around their TV sets to watch the ball drop over Times Square and sing Auld Lang Syne –those who are awake on New Years afternoon get together with friends to watch the traditional Rose Bowl football game. In Japan January 1st is an important holiday, symbolizing renewal. New Years is preceeded by "Bonenkai" --"forget-the-year – parties when people bid farewell to the problems of the previous year and prepare for a new beginning. Buddhist temples throughout Japan strike their gongs 108 times, symbolizing108 types of human weakness that they want to expel. 

Although Auld Lang Syne originated in Scotland, the song doesn't play a big part in Scottish New Years celebrations, although New Years in Scotland is a major holiday. The Viking-inspired Hogmanay ritual involves swinging a ball of fire over one's head and celebrants walk door to door, greeting friends and neighbors and giving them presents. Turks wear red undergarments while in Equator, if a single woman's underwear is red, it indicates her desire to find a husband.  

In Spain people eat grapes – twelve, to be exact, one for each of the coming new year's twelve months. And in Australia, whose time zone makes it one of the first places in the world to welcome in the New Year, the fireworks display over Sydney's Harbour Bridge is a traditional display that's viewed by Aussies on TV and online as well as others around the world. 

New Years Wishes

Whatever traditions are observed, they all have one thing in common – they are built on people's hopes that the new year will bring health, happiness and prosperity. All Slots casino gamers can get a head start on their New Years wishes when they sign into their casino account on their PC or mobile device and spin the wheel to determine what prizes they'll be adding to their weekly gambling events. 

Every week throughout the month of January you'll receive one spin of the Wheel of Wishes. There are six prize options and, if you play every week during the month you can win multiple prizes. Everyone gets one wheel spin but if you play for four days during a promotional period, you'll receive 2 spins on the following week's spins. That means that you have the opportunity to achieve 10 spins, and 10 prizes, over the course of the month. 

The promotional weeks are: 

  • First Round: December 27 2023 – January 3 2023
  • Second Round: January 3 2023 – January 10 2023
  • Third Round: January 10 2023 – January 17 2023
  • Fourth Round: January 17 2023 – January 24 2023
  • Fifth Round: January 24 2023 – January 31 2023


The Wheel of Wishes promotion is unique in that there are actually six different prize options that you can win. When you open your casino account and navigate to the promotions page you'll be able to see the number of spins that you still have available to you during any particular week together with the prizes that you've won. 

Prizes include:

  • Free Spins for PC players on the Avalon, Immortal Romance, Gold Factory, Ariana and Bridesmaids pokies. You can mix and match your spins to play on any of the featured games. If you're playing on mobile you can use your Free Spins on Avalon and Bridesmaids pokies or on any combination thereof. Your free spins are good for 7 days after you receive them.
  • Cashback deals which apply to the deposit made right after you spin the Wheel of Wishes. You have to use your cashback deal within the promotional round in which you received it.
  • Free Bonus – you'll receive your free bonus within 15 minutes of the wheel spin in which you win the bonus. Some free bonuses are subject to a minimum deposit – this information will be provided in your notification of your free bonus prize.
  • Bonus Loyalty Points are credited to your Loyalty account within 15 minutes of prize notification.
  • Loyalty Multiplier multiplies the amount of loyalty points you earn during the 48 hours period after you receive the Loyalty Multiplier prize. These loyalty multiplier points are not applicable to the offer to exchange Loyalty Points for extra tickets to the Stardust Draw.
  • Tickets in the Stardust Draw, to be held on January 31st2023, in which you can win your share of the $25,000 End-of-January Prize. 

Stardust Draw

 All Slots will be giving out $25,000 at the end of January in the Stardust Draw. Your draw tickets are earned through the Wheel of Wishes spins that you spin throughout the month, or by redeeming 50 Loyalty Points for an extra ticket (you can redeem as many Loyalty Points for as many extra tickets as you wish.)

By entering multiple tickets into the draw you'll enjoy multiple chances to earn your share of the $25,000 give-away prizes. The more tickets you have to enter, the more chances to have to win!  You can earn 1 prize per draw, so if the draw results in 2 prizes, you receive the prize with the highest value. 

The draw will deliver $1000 bonuses to five draw winners, $500 bonuses to 10 draw winners, $100 bonuses to 25 draw winners, $50 bonuses to 50 draw winners, $25 bonuses  to 100 draw winners, $10 bonuses  to 250 draw winners and $5 bonuses to 1000 draw winners. 

There's lot of casino entertainment and excitement at All Slots this January in the Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots.