The Women on Pistoleras Online Pokies Stir up Trouble Not Grits

The theme of Pistoleras online pokies is the American Wild West where gun totin’ hombres roamed the vast hinterland.  Does it sound like the outback to you?  In Pistoleras online pokies the varmints lookin’ to stir up some trouble aren’t some young fellers, they’s girls, women actually.  And what a set of women they are!

Three Voluptuous Women with Guns

The brunette Pistolera dresses to disarm the menfolk with her substantial cleavage but the rifle she’s got slung over her shoulder belies her overt feminine wiles.  She’s dangerous pardner, so you’d best be a watchin’ out for her!

The blond Pistolera carries a pistol whilst she moves about in her low cut strapless dress.  Don’t be fooled by the wry smile on her face. She’s a seductress who’ll take your heart and possibly your life!

The redhead Pistolera dresses like an old school marm but she isn’t a day over 20 years old.   She sports a rose bodice.  Why, then, does she have not one but two heavy-gauge pistols in her hands?

The three Pistoleras are the high paying regular symbols and are stacked on all reels in both the regular game and in the free spins bonus round.

The other basic symbols are 10 through ace.  The ace and the royals have a single rose attached to the symbol.  The presence of roses on so many symbols makes us wonder…

Roses and Guns

What, then, is the real motif in Pistoleras online pokies?  Is it love and romance as indicated by the many roses?  Is it classical femininity as seen in the sexy dresses?  Or is Pistoleras pokies about three desperadas fightin’ the law and trickin’ the menfolk?  Are the Pistoleras fighting the bandits or are they the bandits themselves?  We’ll never know, and that’s part of the immense charm of Pistoleras online pokies.  You can play one set imagining the Pistoleras to be fighting on the side of the law, helping to protect the simple folk in this Wild West town.  And the next time you play, you can imagine the Pistoleras to be hardened criminals using every feminine trick to distract their enemies!

The Wild symbol feeds into the thematic dichotomy.  The Wild is the Pistoleras logo which features two guns crossed above a beautiful red rose!  The Wild substitutes for every symbol except the two Scatters.  When you win with a Wild, your win is tripled.  The Wild makes a welcome visit in the Saloon Bonus.

Two Scatters

The Coach Scatter sends you to the free spins bonus.  Three Coach Scatters get you 15 free spins, four Scatters get you 20 free spins, and five Scatters are worth 25 free spins.  All wins in the free spins bonus are tripled.  Cantina music plays throughout the free spins bonus. The free spins can be retriggered if you get three or more Coach Scatters during a free spin.  You can also trigger the Saloon Bonus during a free spin.  You simply complete the Saloon Bonus and the game returns you automatically to the free spins bonus.

The bag of money is the second Scatter.  Three bags of money send you to the Saloon Bonus.  The Saloon Bonus is introduced by a larger-than-life Pistolera standing in the dusty center of the town, reaching for her gun as a cloud of dust swirls around her.  It reminds us of the typical duel in the American West between the sheriff and the outlaw.  We just don’t know if the Pistolera is the sheriff or the outlaw!  But the Pistolera is dressed in a two-piece outfit with her midriff bare!  What sheriff or what outlaw ever dressed like that?! 

After the intro, you are taken to the saloon which takes on the role of firing range for the purpose of this bonus.  There are twelve targets.  You shoot targets one at a time.  The Pistoleras stand at the sides of the target area and every time you shoot a target they shoot off their guns!  Behind the twelve targets are three blond Pistoleras, three brunette Pistoleras, and three redheaded school marm Pistoleras.  The last three targets are the Wild symbol, come here to help you win some nice rewards.  You shoot targets until you get a match by either revealing all three of either Pistolera or by using Wilds to win.  It sometimes happens that a player will reveal two of each Pistolera and then the Wild, winning for three sets at the same time!

Pack Your Pistols and Play Pistorelas

Pistoleras online pokies is such fun to play that many say it’s their favourite free pokies for fun.  But remember, you have to play this online pokies for real money in order to benefit from the multiplier Wild, the stacked reels, and the two high-payin’ bonus rounds!