Win Spinner

When you hear that the Win Spinner pokies is a one-payline, one-coin pokies, you might imagine that it's a simple game with little to do except watch the three-reels roll and wait for your combinations to appear. Nothing could be further from the actuality that you'll experience when you compete at this vibrant three-reel classic pokies.

Win Spinner can be found at both the Download Casino and the Flash Casino so regardless of whether you're playing from the comfort of your living room armchair on your laptop or desktop PC or on a public console's Internet browser you'll enjoy an energy-filled slots adventure with multiple features and engaging elements.

The bright colours and vivid imagery of the Win Spinner graphics draw you right into the game. You'll see brilliant pictures of luscious cherries, watermelon, oranges and plums along with bells and numbers which spin across the reels as they complete the game's payline for cash prizes.

Nudge Feature

The Win Spinner online pokies Australia features numerous elements that create a high-spirited game.

The Nudge feature plays a prominent role throughout the game. The Nudge feature appears randomly, allowing you to bump a reel in order so that the next symbol displays. You have the opportunity to win up to four reel nudges and the number of nudges that you receive is highlighted when the Nudge buttons light up. Sneak Peak arrows, positioned above the reels, help you create winning symbol combinations. Nudge wins pay out as regular wins.  When you click the Sneak Peak arrows you'll be able to view the next two symbols on the reels, thereby completing more winning symbol combinations. After the combination appears, you click "Nudge" to bump the reels. 

There are also random Gamble Nudges in which you gamble your current nudges and win additional nudges. When you click Win Spinner the flashing numbers stop and you'll see the number of nudges that you won on display. You can gamble a second time or collect your nudges and move back to the regular game.

The random Nudge Repeat feature allows you to repeat the number of nudges that you received in your last spin.  After all of your current nudges have been used, you'll see the Nudge light flashing. At that point you can repeat the number of nudges from your last spin. You can always click "Nudge" and bump the reels to form more winning combinations on the Win Spin payline.

The Win Spinner pokies online offers a random Nudge Bank element that allows you to bank your nudges and then use them for the next spin. You can carry over your accumulated nudges to your next spin but if you don't use those nudges in the next spin, you lose those unused nudges. To use your banked spins, click "spin" and you'll see the Nudge Bank Held light flash with the number of your accrued nudges. Click the Sneak Peak arrows, located above the reels, to view the next two symbols on the reels. Click "Nudge" to bump the reels and create new winning symbol combinations.

The random Hold feature holds the position of one or more reels for the next spin. Hold wins are regular wins. You can hold up to three reels. Click Hold to select the reel positions that you want to hold. Click Spin and any reel that isn't held starts to spin.

Additional Elements

The random Shifta feature activates after a spin in which no symbol combination has appeared. One reel is held and the remaining two reels automatically nudge down until a winning symbol combination displays on the payline. With the Shifta feature, every spin can turn into a winning spin.


Winnings paid out on the Win Spinner are paid out through WinSpins. You can win up to twenty-five WinSpins in the regular slot game and your payout figures will show the number of WinSpins that you've won for each combination. To achieve a win, your symbols must appear next to each other, left-to-right, on an enabled payline, with at least one symbol displayed on the first pokies reel. You can win up to a 500x bet multiplier on WinSpins. The number of credits that you win is dependent on the multiplier value that you multiply by your total bet amount.

Free Win Spinner

Regardless of whether you're playing at the Download Casino or the Flash Casino you can play pokies online for free at any time via the casino bonuses. The casino offers a wide array of promotions that allow you to play no-deposit casino games for real money prizes. For new players, the casino offers a Welcome Bonus that presents gamers with match bonus gaming credits on their opening deposits during their first week of casino activity. All players, both new and returning gamers, receive Loyalty Points from the casino on all games. Players move up the Loyalty Point tiers. When you reach the first tier level you're entitled to redeem your Loyalty Points for special casino prizes. Alternately,  you can collect your Loyalty Points and move up to a higher tier and collect more lucrative prizes. .

High rollers can play Win Spinner in the VIP Club for special VIP prizes.

Win Spinner is available to play for free in the Free Mode. You can play for as long as you want for free and, when you're ready to play for real cash prizes, you can navigate to the real mode and play for real in the Real Mode.