Legend of Olympus Online Pokies – Bonus Feature, Unique Symbols and up to 20,000!

Are you ready to enjoy one of the most exciting and highly unique pokies games you have ever had the chance to play? When referring to pokies games, some benefits are obvious while others can be a little bit surprising. However, when we refer to Legend of Olympus Online Pokies there is absolutely no doubt this game will let us enjoy an extraordinary experience! Right from the moment you start the game and a very dramatic music announces its beginning, to the fascinating cartoons (or animations, if you prefer), that stand at the sides of the screen and move from side to side (looking at you and looking at the reels) all the way up to the unique buttons, gambling features, special rewards and so much more! It is crystal clear this Aussie pokies is surely like no other!

How does this Game Work? What Should I Know?

There is so much to discover about this game! First of all, note that the buttons are very different from the usual buttons existing at the average pokies games. The Spin button, for example has no "spin" title, as you can see. As a matter of fact, it is the button at the middle of the screen (on the lower part) with a round arrow that gives you the sense of a spinning button. Similarly, in order to bet different lines, you can no longer press the numbers of lines that are at the sides of the reels. A vase stands at the left lower part of the screen, titled as "lines" and you can click the arrows on its sides. This way, you will be able to spice things up during your gambling experience and control the way your bets are going.

Fascinating! What are my Benefits?

The benefits at this game are incredible and unique. But before we get to the unique part it is time for you to know what basic pokies bonuses this game has to offer you.

Sounds Wild!

And it is wild indeed. After getting to know the old man and the red – head troll that stand at the sides of your reels, it is time for you to know how the symbols on your reels can make your gaming experience even wilder than it was up until now! So, as far as you probably know, in order to gain additional credits you would be required to have at least three identical symbols on the reels (four and five symbols would work as well, but three is the minimal amount in most cases). However, in some occasions you get to see two adjacent (and identical) symbols, and a third one two reels away and you know it was SO CLOSE! For these incidents, and many others alike, the wild symbol comes to your aid!

From this moment on, two identical symbols, as well as symbols that are not necessarily adjacent to one another on the reels can produce you the most extraordinary wins of them all! You probably ask yourself how… Well, the wild symbols has a special feature – it can serve as a substitute and practically replace any other symbol on the reels excluding the scatter. Once it does so, it can complete a "series" on the reels, and two identical symbols that appear next to a wild symbol function just as a three of a kind, just the same way three wild symbols with a wild would produce the same payout any ordinary four of a kind would. Four symbols that are supported with a wild symbol will let you enjoy the most prestigious benefit of them all, and a payout of five of a kind will be quickly added to your payline.

And what about the Scatter?

Well, the scatter is just as important in terms of changing your game! After all, the wild is incapable of replacing it and there is a very good reason for that. The scatter, which appears on the reels as a symbol with the "freespin" title (the old man appears on it) can let you gain no less than 3 free spins, and that way your game, again, shifts completely.

In most games, in order to gain more credits when you play online pokies in Australia and bet for real money, a pre – deposit is required. However, the scatter symbol literally lets you step into a world in which many credits can be gained and no initial deposit is requested. This world is gained by 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols appearing next to one another on your reels. Once they do, the three free spins, or more, will be granted to you and the exciting adventure will begin. During this adventure you will be able to starch back in your chair and observe gladly how the game is doing all the hard work for you, and gaining more and more credits as wins are being accumulated.

Incredible! Any other bonuses?

Yes, of course! The most unique part of them all is just about to come! A wonderful symbol called bonus symbol can also be an integral part of your game and make everything much more interesting. Once you receive a minimal amount of 3 bonus symbols (which, also, cannot be replaced by a wild one), you get to a point where big treasure, small treasure and reward ferryman bonuses can easily be yours.

The credits can start at 200, 400 and 2,000, depending on your treasure, and reach up to 800, 2,000 and even 20.000 credits at a time! These sorts of bonus feature will quickly make your gambling experience of real online pokies in Australia much more exciting!