Major Millions Mobile Pokies

Pokies are a favourite online casino game. When you play pokies you engage in fun-filled gaming recreation where you indulge your fantasies while you gamble for cash prizes. The Major Millions Mobile Pokies offers unique mobile pokies fun for iOS and Android players, giving an extra dose of casino excitement in which you can add a jackpot competition to the regular game entertainment.

The Major Millions Mobile Pokies is one of the newest Aussie mobile games. The game presents a new form of casino amusement that allows gamers to earn real money payouts while they compete against players from around the world. The Major Millions Mobile Pokies is a two-in-one game. In addition to the regular game, players add a small additional side deposit and join the progressive jackpot. One lucky player will hit the spin that pays out the jackpot prize. Progressive jackpots can reach tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars.

Major Millions Mobile Pokies is a favourite at the mobile casino for both beginning and advanced players. There's a cast of engaging characters, a whimsical storyline and plenty of opportunities to complete paylines and earn payouts while you vie for the jackpot prize.

Mobile Entertainment

You can play Major Millions on mobile at any time of the day or night, from any location. Open the Australian mobile casino on your smartphone or tablet device and download the mobile casino app. Scroll through the games' lobby and when you see the Major Millions Logo, click to open the game. Make your deposit for the regular game and add your wager on the progressive jackpot game. Now start spinning the reels to play for fun, prizes and a chance to hit the jackpot.  

Major Millions Pokies

Major Millions is a popular pokies that has it all -- whimsy, revelry, humor and multiple opportunities to win payouts. The top-ranked slot machine features a silly storyline that appeals to gamers both young and old. Competitors have won millions of dollars in the progressive game while everyone wins in the regular game.  

The Major Millions mobile pokies features Major Millions himself. The major is a charming military man who bumbles with his troops into a five-reel, fifteen payline pokies adventure. As the Major conducts a precision military exercise in his search for wealth he encounters military symbols. A military atmosphere of crisp uniforms and martial bearings accompany you throughout your spins. In addition to the Major Millions icon you'll find friendly guards, shiny new military gear, ship-shape uniforms and numerous additional symbols that depict military life. There are tanks, an airplane, an officer's hat, top-secret papers, binoculars, a battleship, shiny medals, gold coins and ammunition. Everyone on base is friendly and the tank even shoots "Bang" flags while the airplane's underbelly sports smiley faces when the doors open to drop coins.   

Major Millions Logo is the Major Millions Wild symbol. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol and assist in completing winning paylines. If a payline is completed with the inclusion of a Wild symbol, the winning payout is tripled.

The Major Millions scatter symbol is an explosion symbol. Whenever three explosion symbols display simultaneously, in any formation, on either activated or inactivated paylines, they form a scatter combination which then activates a scatter payout. Scatter combination payouts are multiplied by the total number of coins deposited.

Progressive Pokies

Progressive pokies are one of the most popular activities at the online casino and now they're available on mobile. The excitement of observing the progressive game's jackpot meter rise while you wait to see if your spin will activate the jackpot prize thrills gamers worldwide. Playing a progressive pokies allows you to continue to earn all of the regular wins that you normally achieve in the regular game ALONG WITH the chance to compete for the progressive jackpot prize After you've added your small side wager to your regular deposits you'll have two chances to win while you play the one game.

Progressive pokies have been around for many years but, with the inclusion of the genre for mobile users, the competition has become even more and more exciting. Hundreds of thousands of new players now compete for the progressive jackpot prize, meaning that the jackpots are bigger than ever. Some recent competitors have earned over a million dollars in jackpot cash.

Playing a progressive machine gives you the opportunity to indulge your fantasies of hitting the "Big One." With one spin you may find yourself taking home a huge prize. Pokies payouts are, at any rate, among the most lucrative at the casino but if you're tired of making your way through the regular game spins, free spins, gamble rounds, bonus games and other  pokies elements, you might want to join a progressive pokies and earn your entire reward with one spin.

Tips for Playing Progressive Jackpot Games

Casino advisors suggest that gamers try a progressive jackpot if they enjoy playing games of luck. Jackpots pay out on a regular basis and someone, somewhere, WILL win, so it may as well be you! But you shouldn't rely on progressive jackpot games for the bulk of your gambling activities. Go ahead and set aside a percentage of your bankroll for the progressive jackpot but save the majority of your funds for other types of gambling activities which don't rely solely on luck.  

When you play Major Millions you can choose to compete in the regular pokies game or together with the progressive jackpot. Whatever option you choose, you'll enjoy a spirited pokies adventure of fun and excitement.