Multipliers are Everywhere: Use the Easy Sure Win Real Money Pokies App

Players at mobile casinos powered by Microgaming software have come to understand that Microgaming and its affiliated mobile casinos are reformatting classic mobile casino pokies.  So when you use the Sure Win Real Money Pokies App, you’ll be able to play one of the great classic pokies directly on your mobile pokies screen!

The Unending Popularity of Sure Win Pokies

Sure Win became a tremendously popular pokies game immediately upon its release a few years ago.  Sure Win uses racetrack characters and symbols to draw you into the exciting world of the racetrack.  Racetracks are one of the places we go to play for real money; we wager on the outcomes of horse races.  Sure Win is a premier online pokie real money game.

Twelve Entertaining and Lucrative Symbols

Let’s start with the three horses and their jockeys.  The horses are drawn as slightly comical characters but the jockeys are all business and they keep their horses in line from the start of the race until its thrilling conclusion.  The jockeys look the part in the most realistic manner: they are wiry and powerful and each has a determined look on his face in keeping with his big goal: to win the race and help you get a Sure Win.

Racetrack Sounds in the Regular Game; Music in the Bonus Rounds

Sure Win mobile casino pokies begins with the trumpet call to the horses and jockeys to enter the starting gate.  The background sounds you’ll hear in the regular game are the muffled hushed tones of a real-life racetrack.

Later, when you are racing for top prizes in the bonus round, the music will get much, much livelier!

Realistic Symbols

The symbols also include a pair of binoculars so racetrack denizens can more easily see the race, a daily racing form to help you handicap the race, a jockey’s helmet and visor, and a trophy for winning the Big Race.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Sure Win logo is the wild symbol.  As is normal, it replaces all symbols except the scatter symbol.  There is a 3x multiplier attached to the wild symbol for every win it helps you achieve. The Sure Win logo also pays 7000 coins as the base payout for getting five wild symbols in one lucky spin.  Thus, if you bet 10 coins as your basic wager and five wild symbols come up, you’ll win 70,000 coins!

The racetrack tout is the scatter symbol.  He pays in all positions and when you get three or more touts, you go to the bonus round of free spins and multiplier.  The racetrack tout is a colorful character found at almost every racetrack.  He tries to entice you to buy his “inside information”.  In Sure Win, whenever the tout appears he goes “psssst” to get your attention. 

When three touts appear, he has your full attention!  The tout figures that since you usually play Sure Win online pokie real money, you will be willing to buy his information.  We urge you to resist his entreaties and go straight to the free spins when you get three or more touts.

A Classic Decision for a Classic Online Pokie Real Money Game

Now you’ll have a major decision to make.  This decision involves a combination of free spins and multipliers.  Each horse and jockey duo appears on your screen and urges you to choose them to race for you in the bonus round. 

The first horse and jockey combo has 12 free spins with a 4x multiplier.  The second horse and jockey combo has 16 free spins with a 3x multiplier.  The third combo has 24 free spins with a 2x multiplier.

Which Combination to Choose

Interestingly enough, Sure Win is one of several pokies that feature free spins and multiplier combinations.  So, as you would expect, there is debate as to whether taking more free spins or a higher multiplier is better strategy.  Some say to always go with the higher multiplier and some say to go with the larger number of free spins.

The choice is yours and we hope that you get to the bonus round many times so you can perform your own experiment, choosing a higher multiplier sometimes and choosing more free spins at other times.

Music to Get the Competitive Juices Flowing

In Sure Win, we know that there are some gamers who always choose more free spins because the music during the free spins bonus round is none other than the Lone Ranger Theme!  A rip roaring contrast to the droning background sounds of the regular game!

Gamble Feature

Whenever you score a win in Sure Win, the horses will race across your screen kicking up a huge cloud of dust as they run!  In addition, you will be offered the chance to double or quadruple your win in the Gamble Feature.

The gamble round works simply.  You choose to guess either the colour or the suit of a card that has been chosen at random.  If you guess correctly, your win is doubled from a correct guess of the colour or is quadrupled with a correct guess of its suit.

Play Sure Win on PC or Mobile

The handy Sure Win Real Money Pokies App will take you to the beautifully reformatted version of Sure Win for mobile devices.  Sure Win is another classic mobile pokies brought to you by the hard-working creative team at Microgaming. 

Mobile casino pokies are a great addition to the massive world of online pokies real money gaming.

Try out Sure Win for yourself and find out just how exciting the regular game and especially the bonus free spins rounds are!