Kathmandu Mobile Pokies Now

With so many online games to choose from the Kathmandu mobile pokies should be on your to-do-list. There’s no reason to wait since if you have not experienced this adventure by Microgaming you simply have to. The game is set in Nepal and features a number of great graphics based on the land and culture. From dressed up elephants and the spectacular architecture that sprawls across the country to the market places and spiritual Temples you’ll also find other cultural artifacts and local imagery popping up as the reels spin and you have a real chance to win at pokies in Australia.

After all, being able to play 5 reel pokies for real money makes this game a treasure chest of options for payoffs that you’ll be able to take home or put back into the pot for a bigger investment down the road. But would you expect anything less of a game based in such an adventurous and beautiful country? From the tourist spots to the challenges of a life time like climbing Mount Everest this game brings it all to the forefront and allows you to take in some of the local customs on the way.

Two Wilds

As with most awesome pokies, Kathmandu Mobile Pokies didn’t start out with the mobile version but did introduce something completely uncommon at the time: two wilds in one game. It was one of the originators of such a crazy predicament which many other games now have and they didn’t leave it out when they made the transition to the mobile version. That means the winnings keep coming and in big loads multiplying either two times or five times. Furthermore, the developers of the mobile version didn't’ hold back. Unlike some mobile games which are only able to be played on certain devices, Kathmandu Mobile Pokies is available on just about every kind of platform.

From iOS systems to Androids and everything in between, the game was so wildly popular there wasn’t a chance that it wouldn’t be available for all who needed it, regardless of the device in their hand. That said, while available in so many formats, it also comes in two versions, one for the novice and one for the more experienced player. That way you can build up your skills and try them out in the higher levels when you’re ready. After all, the more you bet the bigger the jackpot you can possibly be involved in and that right there is worth the wait

Bonuses and the Gambling option

The scatter bell symbol is key to the bonus spins and having you lift off your feet. When two show up live it activates a modest winning but when three appear you're in for a free spins bonus which includes no less than fifteen spins on the house. During the fifteen free spins bonus you may even be privy to something which many players never reach and that’s random multipliers which pop up to increase your winnings. Either way, the free spins bonus is an active element within the game which means it happens often and as those who enjoy Kathmandu mobile pokies know, it’s more often than in many other pokies. Meanwhile, after a spin in which you get a win the game allows you the option of gambling your total, which is just another reason why those who know their pokies games understand Kathmandu is something to be in awe of in the world of mobile casino games.

But isn’t that also part of the draw towards Nepal and all it has to offer? One who travels there knows it’s an experience of a lifetime and so it’s no small feat that the developers of this game were able to capture so much of what that kind of trip offers in a real live pokie.