Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies – Up to 10,000 credits and The Rainbow of Wealth Bonus!

Are you excited? You are about to be exposed to one of the most interesting and exciting slots games existing on mobile - Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies. It is only up to you to take part in one of the most thrilling and unique games that contains both incredible gambling features and most favoured bonuses of all the other pokies games you have ever played at!

First of all, before you even start this pokies game - Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies - you are warmly welcomed by the sprite ("Hello there!") and the most exciting music ever! Right after that, you get exposed to the beautiful graphics which can switch colours by pressing the "change colour" button at the lower part of the screen. Every time you even stand with the mouse on that button you can hear the sprite asking "what's your looking colour?", so if you want to be a bit more entertained during the game you can listen to him talk every once in a while.

Additionally, playing Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies you can win up to $10,000, get wonderful benefits thanks to the wild and scatter symbols as well as the rainbow of wealth bonus, and wishing well bonus. Surely, there is A LOT to expect in this free pokies game.

Wishing Well Bonus? What Is It? How Does It Work?

The Wishing Well Bonus is one of the most unique bonuses, which you will not easily find anywhere else! This symbol will appear in the middle reel and will be able to trigger the wonderful wishing well bonus. Once the bonus is triggered, the bucket will be lowered down and will start collecting prizes for you until it will reach the bottom. The most exciting part is that your prizes will be multiplied by the total number of stake lines so you will be benefited with even greater prizes than the ones collected during the activation of the bonus!

And What about the Rainbow of Wealth?

This bonus is also very unique among the multiple pokies games and can bring you just as much satisfaction and thrill as the previous one mentioned. The rainbow of wealth will let you press the Start button, which will spin the dial for you and will advance the number of steps across the rainbow. You will want to continue stepping across the rainbow until you land on Collect or reach The Pot of Gold! Once you do, you can light all the colours of the rainbow in order to win the progressive bonus! The prizes themselves will be proportional to stake and your winning potential can reach up to 1, 000X stake.

Sounds Completely Wild!

Oh, the wild part is just getting started! Up to now you learned all about the exclusive bonuses of this incredible game. Now you will be exposed to a magnificent way to win on pokies which is totally different than anything you have probably done up to this point. The usual way to win a spin is to have three of a kind, four of a kind, or reach the most exclusive level which is five of a kind. But what if someone told you that you can master this game "like a boss"? You no longer need these minimal numbers of identical symbols next to each other in order to win more credits!

The Wild symbol is highly important for the serious gamblers since they can win more with less! The Wild symbol on Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies is special since it can replace the other symbols you play with (besides the different bonuses such as Scatter, Wishing Well bonus and Rainbow of Wealth). The wonderful thing that happens once Wild does its magic is that you can now make use of two identical symbols that appear next to each other and have Wild as the third symbol in order to create for you a three of a kind. The product would be your new way to win the credits! The way for you to win can be created by having three identical symbols next to each other, with a Wild. On any regular occasion (or game) these three symbols would make a three of a kind win and payout, but with the aid of the Wild you can now enjoy the next level of payout in no time!

Similarly, you can now win the greatest payout of five of a kind simply by using four symbols and a Wild! And that is not all! Wild can quickly increase your amount of credits won even without participating in potential winnings on your reels. Three Wilds next to each other will benefit you with 100 credits, four such symbols can produce 1,000 credits and five Wilds will let you enjoy no less than 10,000 credits in a matter of seconds!

What Else Can I win By Playing This Game?

You can win so much! Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies will let you enjoy the possibility to spin the reels more and more, and will give you the platform to win more credits than you ever thought possible! Your way to winning more credits passes through the Scatter symbol. The ultimate result would be your ability to win more credits by playing more spins but yet depositing less. How? Well, the way to do so is very simple. When three, four or even five Scatter symbols (which looks like the famous sprite with the title Free Spins at the bottom) appear on your reels you get benefited with the free spins bonus. Conclusion? This 5 reel slots game can let you play for free! Don’t wait any longer! Join quickly and maximize your winning potential! You can play this mobile pokies game for free!